Sunday, 13 February 2011

Hermès St Germain Store

Finally I visited the new Hermès Store in St Germain opened since Nov 2010. A 1.400m2 space which was the former Lutetia Hotel swimming pool area. Art Deco from 1935 (Lucien Brequet) meets the new interpretation of the architects of the office RDI.  I always loved this space which was not appropriate used in the last years and therefor very exited what Hermès would plan in there. You enter through a flower store into the open space , than you can decide to go to the left for the books and some accessories area and a small café on the mezzanine or you walk down the big wooden staircase into the different "tents" showing the world of  the Hermès Handcraft luxury.  Besides all the known products experience the whole range of the Home Collection . It feels more than a public space than an Hermès store. You are allowed to take pictures and people feel very comfortable walking around and trying out the Hermès luxury world.
I finally decided that the space is great to have a thé and get inspired, but I will continue buying my beloved accessoires in the more cosy atmosphère of rue Fbg St Honoré or the smaller stores in Europe.
But this new conecept is to make this ultimate luxury brand more accessible to the world. So make your own experience and let me know what you think.

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