Sunday, 23 January 2011

Berlin fashion week and B&B January 2011

ABSOLUTE BEAD & BUTTER First Impressions from BREAD & butter on Vimeo.

Another Berlin fashion week and Bread & Butter is just over and I have to say it was again a great inspiration and lots of fun. As much as I love Paris and New York - Berlin is special and so different. At one point it is not about the fashion - the shows are much more relaxed than in Paris, as the fashion is much younger and still trying out to find there own style. But anyway I prefer the fun part, the cool atmosphere at the Bread and Butter and the presentations of the Berlin based Designers.
Networking everywhere, pop-upstores, art- cooperations, after parties and just the allover Berlin inspiration. Classics as Borchardt and Grill Royal stay and thanks to them and Soho House, Kingsize... I had a great 48h in Berlin ... so Hauptstadt stay as you are and always change. When I come back latest in Summer I hope to see you all again :).

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Windows and decorations Christmas 2010

Christmas windows I liked in 2010. Not so easy to find new ideas every year ... but hope there will be more exiting ones this year :). What have you seen as inspirations for this christmas season ?

Architecture and Stores Singapore Dec 2010

One day impressions of Singapore. It is always a positive experience : weather is great, people are friendly and inspiration everywhere ... also in the shopping malls but even more behind the big streets. What a difference- so modern and on the other hand so much tradition. Here some picture mix from Dec. 2010.

Architecture Sydney Event Location

Whenever you need a location in Sydney for a private party in a great penthouse atmosphere call the Ivy. It is one of the hot spots in Sydney a real multi purpose building with different locations as restaurants, bars and don't forget the pool area and club. Handsome owner Justin Hemmes created the different in- and out-door venues as his own "playhouse". My personal highlight is the private penthouse with great furniture and design atmosphere perfect for your next party with your closest 100 friends. Enjoy also the view from the private penthouse to the pool .... I would have loved to move in immediatly, but they just took out the bed ... sorry:).

Sydney Opera House

In this cold winter time it's the best place to be - so take the 24h journey and arrive in down under. First thing I saw was the Opera house in the early yetlagged morning - it was all black, like a monster in the sea. But after a while in the sun it gave me the feeling of an amazingly inspirational building with it's strange shapes and forms and change with every angle and with every lightchange. I loved also some details of the inside starecases and special rooms for different occasions. So don't miss to take some time to see it from its different angels and in its different moods of the day and night, even if you have like me only 24h in the city and lots of work to do. Thanks to the architect Jorn Utzon, who never saw the building finished. I will be back for sure !