Sunday, 14 November 2010

4D Installation Ralph Lauren

Announced on the IHT Conference and a great example how David Lauren brings "Heritage Luxury" into a new century - not only with his great Marketing ideas already seen on the web and on social media but now an innovative hugh Installation of a new RL 4D world. Its not only what he is calling "merchan-tainement" to me its more in between and advertising and art installation.
Too bad he didn't say anything about the costs of such an installation (first question asked from a german company of course :)...but that let us dream a bit longer to do such great things for other brands... in a new way of course ! Don't imitate - innovate.

IHT Conference 2010

This week I visited the IHT Conference in London, with Suzy Menkes as a great host and this time under the title : Heritage Luxury. After last years conference in Berlin I came with big expectations and got lots of inspirations from the key players in the luxury market.
Starting with Alber Elbaz a humble speaker with lots of respect for the industry and now I know, after years of being a fan of his collections, that he is married to a women... Jean Lanvin :). And in the end
"He got the freedom to dream and to do - without fear" so thanks to that, we got the stone washed silk.
Another highlight is always to get the news about Burberry, this time Christopher Bailey came with Angela Ahrendts. What a chance to have such a power as a creative and finance team they can really get an image and a brand into a new century, it's amazing and shows its success in the numbers. The new project of the "bespoke trenchcoat" which can be ordered online in 12 Mio. variations will be a next step into the future.
Paul Smith a great speaker or better to say actor on the stage (great charts by the way).
Tommy Hilfiger, who started selling self made vintage jeans at school, still wants to remain true to his american icon and personal values ... even after he sold the company?
Mary-Adair Mcaire of Pringle of Scotland I appreciated her honesty to show that it is not easy to get an old brand alive with small budgets.
Love the Missoni family 3 generations of "seams to me" normal people. Had a long conversation with the "grandfather" Ottavio Missoni and maybe after that I understood Heritage the most.
After Victoria Beckhams explenation of "my husband just has to look good" we waited one hour for the appearance of Mr Karl Lagerfeld and his entourage. It is always a pleasure to listen to his stories and he seams in a distructive phase as he said "you can only build something new when you destroy the old".
I believe more in the words of David Lauren "keeping a classic modern is the most difficult" and its always about looking forward not looking back !
More in my next article about the 4D Installation of Ralph Lauren.