Monday, 25 April 2011

Milano Store Rossana Orlandi and 10 Corso Como

Rossana Orlandi's store is more an art space where you can easily get lost in the different rooms and get inspired by different exibitions and the two level store. Enter by the green coutyard and restaurant and than just enjoy the different ideas and discover the work of new international designers. Via Matteo Bandello 14 (Magenta neighbourhood).

10 Corso Como by Carla Sozzani shows art, fashion and design in this beautiful space. I love also the restaurant and hope to get once the chance to enjoy the small "3rooms" Hotel. Don't forget to get the packaging with the typical Corso Como Logo.

Milano Salone del Mobile 2011

I always love Milano especially on a sunny day in April, if I get the chance to visit the city there is no excuse and this time again for the salone del Mobile 2011.
Living there for some months was also quite an experience, but now I enjoy coming back for 24 hours and having drinks at Bar Basso, sitting outside at the Bulgari Hotel and having great food everywhere.
Enjoying the beautifull sunny weather running around the stores in the golden triangle and the showrooms Zona Tortona... work can not be more passionate :).
So I want to show you some details and different impressions from the stores, showrooms and the fair. 

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Windows Paris Spring 2011 LV Prada Lanvin Colette YSL

February 2011 the sun is out in Paris and also all new window campaigns - enjoy some of them here and feel free to post more of your favorite windows this Spring. 

Hermès St Germain Store

Finally I visited the new Hermès Store in St Germain opened since Nov 2010. A 1.400m2 space which was the former Lutetia Hotel swimming pool area. Art Deco from 1935 (Lucien Brequet) meets the new interpretation of the architects of the office RDI.  I always loved this space which was not appropriate used in the last years and therefor very exited what Hermès would plan in there. You enter through a flower store into the open space , than you can decide to go to the left for the books and some accessories area and a small café on the mezzanine or you walk down the big wooden staircase into the different "tents" showing the world of  the Hermès Handcraft luxury.  Besides all the known products experience the whole range of the Home Collection . It feels more than a public space than an Hermès store. You are allowed to take pictures and people feel very comfortable walking around and trying out the Hermès luxury world.
I finally decided that the space is great to have a thé and get inspired, but I will continue buying my beloved accessoires in the more cosy atmosphère of rue Fbg St Honoré or the smaller stores in Europe.
But this new conecept is to make this ultimate luxury brand more accessible to the world. So make your own experience and let me know what you think.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Berlin fashion week and B&B January 2011

ABSOLUTE BEAD & BUTTER First Impressions from BREAD & butter on Vimeo.

Another Berlin fashion week and Bread & Butter is just over and I have to say it was again a great inspiration and lots of fun. As much as I love Paris and New York - Berlin is special and so different. At one point it is not about the fashion - the shows are much more relaxed than in Paris, as the fashion is much younger and still trying out to find there own style. But anyway I prefer the fun part, the cool atmosphere at the Bread and Butter and the presentations of the Berlin based Designers.
Networking everywhere, pop-upstores, art- cooperations, after parties and just the allover Berlin inspiration. Classics as Borchardt and Grill Royal stay and thanks to them and Soho House, Kingsize... I had a great 48h in Berlin ... so Hauptstadt stay as you are and always change. When I come back latest in Summer I hope to see you all again :).

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Windows and decorations Christmas 2010

Christmas windows I liked in 2010. Not so easy to find new ideas every year ... but hope there will be more exiting ones this year :). What have you seen as inspirations for this christmas season ?